Planning you dream shoot

Some of you are probably thinking...what the heck is a dream shoot? It's a photoshoot that is specifically tailored to your wants. Have a fabulous location in mind, a beautiful ball gown, or a casual look to show off your personality? In a dream shoot, we can do three completely different looks, corporate, girl next door & glamourous (these are examples- but are not limited to).  

Together we can plan a dream shoot and I will undoubtedly make them come true! 


Can't wait to shoot.....!

~ Gabrielle


Gabrielle's Gear Essentials

As a photographer, there are many different things you might need. Obviously you're going to need your camera and a lens. Today I'm going to share my top 8 gear essentials I love to shoot portraits with . 

  1. Nikon D810 or full frame camera of your choice 
  2. 85mm 1.4 lens 
  3. 35mm 1.4 lens
  4. 24-70 2.8 lens 
  5. 6 in 1 Reflector 
  6. Speed light TTL flash
  7. Backup batteries and SD/CF cards
  8. A positive and curious attitude! 

When shooting, you never know what obstacles and opportunities may arise which is why I always carry backup batteries and memory cards. I love to shoot using prime lenses because it forces you to compose your shots more critically than if you were to use a zoom lens. On the other hand, I love to carry a zoom with me because it gives me more options when shooting video & hard to reach spots. That said, a flash and reflector are used to bounce and fill light onto a subject when you want to get rid of shadows. Lastly, entering a shoot with a bad attitude will affect the success of your photographs. You should begin by getting your client to feel comfortable with you so you can capture glimpses of who they are in your photographs! If you have any questions about gear, free to contact me! 

Happy shooting!

Gabrielle Robinson

Coming Soon to Gabrielle Robinson Photography

My latest project is something that I am really excited about. Photography is something that I use as a medium to connect with my subjects and express the essence of their souls. Recently, I have been focused on photographing fashion in ways that incorporate New York City's urban landscapes, the latest fashion and embodies the model I am working with. The next exciting step in my professional endeavor is incorporating and utilizing video to evoke the same outcome that my photographs do. I am also collaborating with several up and coming musicians for this project as well.  Stay tuned for the latest update on my work.  I can not wait to share my new work with everyone!

- Gabrielle Robinson

Celestron Telescope company chooses Gabrielle Robinson as a guest artist for their annual Gala

             After anxiously waiting a month from the submission deadline, Gabrielle's heart began to beat as she opened her email to see in big letters, "CONGRATULATIONS" from the Celestron Moon Walk Committee. She donated a photograph which is going to be up for auction at the Gala August 18th, 2016, with celebrity icons Bill Nye, John Stamos and many more. Gabrielle was eager and honored to participate in the art show which exhibited only thirty artists globally. She was ecstatic donate her photograph to Celestron Telescopes and is even more excited that it is hanging up in the Head Quarters in LA! 

 My piece is titled Good Morning Acadia. I took this photograph on top of Cadillac Mountain around 4AM to see the sunrise. 

My piece is titled Good Morning Acadia. I took this photograph on top of Cadillac Mountain around 4AM to see the sunrise. 

 After the event,  Celestron  displayed my photograph outside of their Head Quarters Office in Los Angeles! 

After the event, Celestron displayed my photograph outside of their Head Quarters Office in Los Angeles! 

To learn more about the event, click the link below.

Thanking Sarah Silverman

 Gabrielle and Sarah with the photography titled,  Self Portrait. 

Gabrielle and Sarah with the photography titled, Self Portrait. 

After submitting many photographs to Arts Connections for their student art contests, Gabrielle's work stood out as a favorite amongst the adults kn the judging panel. The complexity and raw nature of her photographs is enjoyed by everyone who views it. Gabrielle's photograph titled "Self Portrait" has been displayed in a hedge fund office in Midtown, New York City and had been bought by Arts Connection for its Annual Gala two years in a row. She had the honor of being a guest at the 2016 Gala. Her work was chosen to be a thank you gift the guest artist of the night, Sarah  Silverman. After meeting the famous comedian, she was radiating an infectious smile, her heart filled with ambition and excitement. From that moment, Gabrielle knew that one day, she would be gifting many other famous artists her work. 

Gabrielle in Action

 Along with being a fine artist, Gabrielle runs her own photography business where she specializes in head shots, beauty photo shoots, engagement shoots and family portraits.  She enjoys to build relationships with her clients at the same time creating a beautiful images that will last a lifetime. Her young enthusiastic personality paired with her professionalism makes the perfect relationship with everyone she meets.

Young artists work in hedge fund offices city wide

During Gabrielle's late high school years, she decided to really put herself and her art work out into the real world. She had no idea what was coming to her. She eagerly entered and inquired to various organizations and contests to see how her work could get noticed. Little did she know, she would be humbled to have her work chosen out of hundreds of submissions to be hung in hedge fund offices like Lions Eye Capitals, Soroban Capital Partners, Arts Connection's office and several others. She was lucky enough to have her pieces hung in these offices for a year and then another round of pieces for the following year. She can not wait to see where her artwork will end up next. 

Gabrielle is chosen as 1/7 to recieve the Dedalus Foundations Annual Scholarship

Gabrielle dropped off her 16x20 portfolio, resume and artist bio, at the MOMA with an optimistic attitude. She knew hundreds of other students would be applying for this tremendously generous scholarship. The turn around for the jurors to review the work was less than a day. There was a very slim probability that her artwork would be one of seven students chosen by the Dedalus Foundation to have a gallery in Industry City, Sunset Park, NYC. She frantically called her fellow classmates on the following day wondering if they could pick her work up for her. She was beyond delighted to hear that her work could not be picked up because it was chosen for the exhibition! 

 Gabrielle with her ten selected images at the Industry City Gallery.

Gabrielle with her ten selected images at the Industry City Gallery.

Gabrielle on the steps of the Met...

       Since fifth grade, when Gabrielle's marionette puppet of Paul McCartney was chosen to be a part of New York City's city wide art exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she has been on a spitfire of creative ideas and endeavors.  She has since had her artwork on the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art three more times and has been recognized on local, regional, and national levels. The young artist's determination and persistence has been a fundamental part in her succeses thus far.