Gabrielle and Sarah with the photography titled,  Self Portrait. 

Gabrielle and Sarah with the photography titled, Self Portrait. 

After submitting many photographs to Arts Connections for their student art contests, Gabrielle's work stood out as a favorite amongst the adults kn the judging panel. The complexity and raw nature of her photographs is enjoyed by everyone who views it. Gabrielle's photograph titled "Self Portrait" has been displayed in a hedge fund office in Midtown, New York City and had been bought by Arts Connection for its Annual Gala two years in a row. She had the honor of being a guest at the 2016 Gala. Her work was chosen to be a thank you gift the guest artist of the night, Sarah  Silverman. After meeting the famous comedian, she was radiating an infectious smile, her heart filled with ambition and excitement. From that moment, Gabrielle knew that one day, she would be gifting many other famous artists her work.